Battery and bootloader - fixing problems

In Linux, shutdown looks other than on Android. So, when your tablet is powered off, and charger is connected, you will *NOT* get “charging battery animation”, but Linux will automatically boot again (usually, but not always)! Remember about your battery, and always disconnect charger before shutdown Linux.

But also you can fix it by changing content of two files on first partition.

Mounting partition

sudo mkdir /tmp/bl
sudo mount -t vfat /dev/nanda /tmp/bl

Editing boot.ini

nano /tmp/bl/boot.ini

Set new values for some variables:

timeout = -1
display_device= 0
display_mode = 0
erase_flash = 1

and save file.

Editing sprite.ini

It looks like on default installation there aren't any sprite definitions. We must create a copy of boot.ini and edit it.

mkdir /tmp/bl/sprite
cp /tmp/bl/boot.ini /tmp/bl/sprite/sprite.ini
nano /tmp/bl/sprite/sprite.ini

Now clean contents of the file and paste this:

display_device= -1
display_mode = 0
erase_flash = 1

Save changes (nano will automagically set encoding to DOS, in another case there will be no change). Now reboot tablet few times and check if this helped - shutdown device and wait, wait, wait.