List of useful apps

Here is a list with apps I'm using every day. I'm always trying to find most lightweight, but sometimes this is impossible. You can install any app by typing

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install app1 app2 app3...
CategoryPackage nameDescriptionNotes
AccessoriesleafpadSimple text editor for LXDE
catfishFile search - frontend for find and locate
xscreensaverScreenSaver for Xorg
thunarStandard file manager for Xfce
squeezeExtracting and compressing files
xfce4-terminalTerminal emulator for Xfce
scrotTool to screenshooting from terminal
InternetmidoriLightweight internet browserSome sites may be displayed not properly
iceapeSeaMonkey for Debian (browser, mail client, IRC, HTML editor)Firefox addons can be not compatible
lynxLightweight text-based browser
sylpheedLightweight e-mail client
lifereaRSS reader
Multimediagnome-mplayerLighweight video and music player for GNOMECrashes when shuffle mode is enabled
fehSimple photo viewer and desktop background deamon
imagemagickFeatureful batch photo editor
gimpAdvanced Photoshop replacementIt's worth to look for tips how to make GIMP work faster
OfficeorageCalendar and timezone
libreoffice-baseLibreOffice database programMay be slow when working with big documents
libreoffice-writerLibreOffice word processor
libreoffice-calcLibreOffice spreadsheet
libreoffice-mathLibreOffice equation editor
libreoffice-impressLibreOffice slideshow editor
abiwordSimple word processor
gnumericSimple spreadsheet application
evinceDocument viewer for PDF, Office, ePUB etc.
ToolsdosboxMS-DOS compatible i386 emulatorCan be used to run Windows up to WinMe
gpartedGNOME Partition Editor
wondershaperLimit usage of networkMay not work with all kernels
hplipHP Linux Imaging and Printing drivers
lxtaskTask Manager for LXDE
geanyAdvanced IDE for programmers - text editor, compiler helper etc.
gitSource code management tool
Language packsiceape-l10n-plSeaMonkey for Debian (browser, mail client, IRC, HTML editor) - Polish language pack
libreoffice-l10n-plLibreOffice - Polish language pack
hyphen-plWord hyphen definitions for Libreoffice - Polish language
mythes-plThesaurus for Libreoffice - Polish language
myspell-plPolish dictionary for apps