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A10_EVB_1.2 based tablets

this is will be tranformeadted from ac100 wiki to be compatible with a10_evb_1.2 tabs


A10_EVB_1.2 is a series of tablets based on Allwinner EvaluationBoard v1.2 (codename crane-evb). Tablets are based on Cortex-A8 1GHz ARMv7 CPU, Mali400MP graphics and CedarX acceleration peripheral. Devices are using Android 2.3 up to 4.2. WindowsCE7 is also supported, but SDK ws never released/leaked. Some models come with:

  • more than 384MB RAM
  • more than 4GB NAND
  • Bluetooth and/or IrDA
  • full-featured USB
  • etc.


  • Very slim and light
  • Long battery life
  • HDMI out
  • (Nearly) complete open source support
  • New Android
  • Cheap EVB production prices
  • Silent - no fans!


  • Slow storage (slower than SD card class 4)
  • Relative slow CPU (something like i386 333MHz, nothing more), and single-core
  • No VGA out (I haven't seen any tablet with vga)
  • Some drivers must be reverse-engineered (like Lima or CedarA/V)
  • There aren't any energy saving technologies - microUSB 5V 0.5A is not able to charge battery fast

Progress of work on Linux

  • Basics are working good, some advanced features (NAND support, basic Mali acceleration) also.
  • Suspend/hibernation crashes
  • System crashes if often USB devices are plugged in and out.
  • Webcams - some models works
  • Touch panels - ft5x_ts must work, but usually you have to disable multitouch in source code of driver
  • 3G modems may not work
  • Gsensor and scaling image support is incomplete because of Xorg specifical problems
  • CedarX is not working at all, if Debian will supports Wayland, we will be able to use android drivers (rather). but it's unstable, we must wait till Jessie will be frozen and Wayland will be stable, then we will be able to port android drivers