Table of Contents

Installing system to SD card

When SD card is prepared, we can dump image to SD card. We need to type only one command.

Syntax of dd - tool to dump file to file

# dd if=file.img of=device conv=options

In my PC it looks like

# dd if=Cubian-base-r5-arm-a10.img of=/dev/sdb conv=noerror,sync

Options noerror,sync makes dumping more safe by changing cache settings.

  • Warning: this operation can take some time! If it's finished, you will get output:
    1892352+0 read records
    1892352+0 written records
    copied 968884224 bytes (969 MB), 406,816 s, 2,4 MB/s

script.bin file

Now we need to replace script.bin to get correct hardware support.

  • First we must detach and attach SD card to allow system to read new partition table.
  • Then, open file manager as root (it can be Thunar, PCManFM, Nautilus, whatever), and mount cubieboard - it's partition of Cubian.
  • Next, go to /boot directory, and paste there script.bin from your device.
  • Unmount device from file manager.
  • Photo of booting Cubian. First boot will take about 1 minut, but next boots will be much faster (my record is 11 sec!)