Keyboard configuration

You can also set keyboard layout to type diacritical characters easily:

apt-get install console-data

Policy of keymaps

On first windows dialog, you have to choose policy of handling keymaps. I recommend using “Select keymap from full list”.

Keyboard layout

Then you have to decide what keyboard layout you need:

PC type

  • Amiga
  • Atari
  • PC ←← choose this one
  • Mac
  • Sparc

Key layout

  • Dvorak
  • fgGIod
  • Type 4
  • etc.


Choose your native language, of course :-D


  • Standard
  • Old (obsolete)
  • Apple USB
  • Wang
  • X11
  • Left/right single-handed
  • BR-Latin1
  • Cp1251
  • PC110
  • etc.

Special options

  • On my language (Polish) I can insert “diacritical” chars only with AltGr, or with AltGr+Alt. I chose “AltGr only” option.

Then match your preferences to available options. I chose this one

pc / qwerty / Polish / Standard / AltGt only diacritics

Press ENTER and wait, keymap will be installed:

Looking for keymap to install:
root@Cubian:~# _