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This tool help users to keep more free space on Linux, by removing unnecessary languages. For example, I come from Poland, and I want to use only English and Polish language. Why I have to own Chinese, Hindi, Deutch, Spain, Turkish…? I can remove all man files and translation of ANY system application.

  • Warning: removing en_US locale may be dangerous!
  • This change can be irreversible!


sudo apt-get install localepurge

Localepurge have an additional dialog, where you can choose what languages to keep:

localepurge will remove all locale files from your system
but the ones for the language codes you select now.
Usually two character locales like "de" or "pt" rather
than "de_DE" or "pt_BR" contain the major portion of
localizations. So please select both for best support of
your national language settings. The entries from
/etc/locale.gen will be preselected if no prior
configuration has been successfully completed.

Selecting locale files

^ [ ] en_IN
| [ ] en_NG
| [ ] en_NZ
# [ ] en_NZ.UTF-8
| [ ] en_PH
| [ ] en_PH.UTF-8
| [ ] en_SG
| [ ] en_SG.UTF-8
| [*] en_US
| [ ] en_US.ISO-8859-15
| [ ] en_US.UTF-8
v [ ] en_ZA

Press SPACE to check/uncheck, arrow keys to scroll, ENTER to confirm


  • Run localepurge (as root ) to remove files for old apps. You have to do this only one time!
    localepurge: Disk space freed in /usr/share/locale: 43052 KiB
    localepurge: Disk space freed in /usr/share/man: 3416 KiB
    Total disk space freed by localepurge: 46468 KiB
  • When you will be using apt-get, localepurge will automagically remove manpages and translations for new/updated apps.