Get device-specific configuration file for device

  • If you are Cubieboard owner, you can skip this step.

To run Cubian on tablets, we need to have one device-specific file (script.bin). In another case some peripherals, like cameras, touch panels and even LCD, will not work.

About script.bin

Allwinner A10 based devices have board configuration files stored in binary format on FIRST partition of disk (whenever it is SD card or NAND memory). This file is named script.bin, evb.bin, sys_config.{product_nane}.bin, etc. There are saved inportant infos about device peripherals:

  • RAM memory in megabytes
  • Mali400 shared memory
  • Ethernet MAC
  • resistive/capacitive touch panel connection, touching force etc.
  • motor (vibrations)
  • NAND flash, memory cards
  • SIM card slot
  • PS/2 mouse and keyboard connectors, onboard keyboard
  • microUSB, USB-OTG, full-featured USB behaviour
  • G-Sensor, proximity, light, acceleration sensors, gyroscopes, compasses; and theirs behaviour
  • GPS, WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, InfraRed
  • Android recovery key (volume+ usually) configuration
  • LEDs configuration

Tools like fex2bin and bin2fex allows to convert files to readable/binary format and edit them.

Extracting from device

To extract file we need to download Terminal Emulator app and use it on device, alternative method is using ADB. Also we must have Android 4.0 installed - not CyanogenMod, not AOKP, not Gingerbread, not JellyBean! You need root permissions on your device but Android 4.0 for A10 have them out-of-the-box (in almost any device).

Type these commands to mount #1 partition (for security reasons it's mounted only when booting):

mkdir /sdcard/tmp_mount
mount -t vfat /dev/block/nanda /sdcard/tmp_mount

If mount is not installed on your Android, try to use busybox mount.

Do not close Terminal. Now you can copy file to any storage:

cp /sdcard/tmp_mount /sdcard         #if you want to copy to internal memory OR
cp /sdcard/tmp_mount /mnt/extsd      #if you want to copy to microSD card OR
cp /sdcard/tmp_mount /mnt/usbhost1   #if you want to copy to USB drive

Do not close Terminal. That's all, you can unmount partition now:

umount /tmp_mount
rmdir /sdcard/tmp_mount

and close Terminal app.