What SD card I need to have?

Generally, every microSD card WILL be compatible, but you must remember about three things:

  • SD card speed. System performance is usually depending on CPU, RAM and disk memory. Standard SD cards may have lower input/output speed. Try to found SD card marked as Class6/Class10 (for example Class10 will provide 10MB/s performance).
  • SD card capacity. Today, it's hard to buy µSD card 2GB or less, but if you have older card, it's recommended to buy new one. Every microSD card have limited count of write cycles, also modern operating systems need to have more than 1GB of disk to contain one of most lightweight window managers
  • SD card manufacturer. Try to not buy “Chinese”/cheaper SD cards, because they have shorter lifetime.

Also, please note that Cubieboard (and other A10 devices) are not supporting microSDHC/microSDXC cards, if their capacity is more than 32GB.